Monthly Archives: February 2014

But they told me there would be runes!

I doubt I will get over how weird it is to be writing about my time in the Middle Ages…on a computer…in the 21st century. Oh I know, some folks will cry foul about how I ought to be carving runes in slabs of rock or putting quill to velum and keeping it real.

Well, I haven’t been able to take classes in those yet. Maybe this year at Pennsic University.

My name is Einar Josepsson Inn Austrifara. I am an Ealdormerian of Ard Chreag in the Barony of Septentria. I am a simple Norseman, trying to find his way through the Knowne World of the SCA. Within these pages, I will…ummmm, well….I’ll write about the stuff I do in the SCA, the places I visit and the things that catch my attention. Perhaps you will learn something from my babbling or maybe, just maybe, you will be intrigued enough to find out about this whole SCA thing. If you do, prepare for an adventure like no other. If you are lucky, you just might find yourself camping with 10,000 friends or huddled under a canvas pavillion during Baronial Court while a monsoon hits camp and you are trapped, laughing out the storm, playing a spirited game of red rover while a bagpiper plays Ina Godda Davida.

Let’s see Disney try and top that!