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Poofy pants!!!

One for the things you realize very quickly in the SCA is that the clothes can be pretty awesome.  I was never a dress-up kind of kid.  Halloween was about it for me.  I wasn’t part of the drama club or involved with any of the school production and yet, here I am, trying to rock some kind of viking shtick.

Very early on I was taught that plaid pyjama pants would be my friends for a while.  Fair enough but the problem was, I don’t find them very comfortable.  Now in all fairness, my friend THL Hans Thorvaldson spoiled me in a big way in terms of garb…he introduced me to linen.  100% pure, cool, comfortable linen.  It’s like, clothing nirvana for people who hate the heat and sweat buckets.  The pyjama pants I have, well, I hate them and since I’m planning to head to Gulf Wars in a few weeks, it’s time to do something about them. (Well, it was “in a few weeks when I wrote this. GW’s was a few weeks AGO now).

But what is a poor Norseman to do when he has zero knowledge of the garb making arts?  These bolts of fabric, the needles, the seams…they befuddle me.  I know not of hand stitching or mechanized sewing technology.  I did what scores of Norsemen-wannabes before me have done…


Her Excellency Anneke The Furious, well, she kinda rocks.  She agreed to help me on my quest to comfortable pants.  I went over to her place this week with a mountain of linen. 

You see, Anneke is a sewing GODDESS and she helped me with this. She would show me how to line things up, start a seam, let me screw it up, fix it.. You get the picture. And after a few hours…

TADDA!!! We has pants and they’re poofy!

Now, these are not of museum-reproduction authenticity. I’m not authority but I’m reasonably certain elastic banding was not period. These will easily pass the “10ft rule” and I believe will pass for Norse or Rus. The two are not the same but, there are a lot of similarities…kinda like early Anglo-Saxon and the Norse but at the other end of the Viking Age.

The next step in “project-spiff-up-Einar’s-garb” will be adding some tablet woven trim…and learn how to sew it on.
Later kids!