War of the Trillium

From June 26th until July 1st of this year, The War of The Trillium was fought, once again, in the Barony of Septentria (that’s in the Kingdom of Ealdormere, just so you know). Trillies is the largest camping event annually held in Ealdormere with attendance ranging from 300-450 gentles.

It was a stressful time leading up to the event. I had 2 new tents to deal with of a style that I had ever set up before. This was the 1st camping event for my girls and I this year so there was the endless hunt to find all of the kit. The trips to the site during the week leading up to it were too many to count (the trials of a small car, 2 kids and not enough camping experience) but the landowners were awesome and accommodating (love you guys!). Add to this my regular, ramped up anxiety levels and things were getting pretty shaky before the event.Camp Thule, day break

I camped with the Thuligans of Petrea Thule for the 1st time and those people good for my soul. It’s a smaller camp than I am used to but so many inspiring and encouraging conversations spontaneously erupting all the time. My girls were with me and dove right in. Oz quickly found herself learning to cook over an open fire with Mistress Keja and Lady Urraca and has earned herself the name “Bacon Maker” while Nemka did what she does best…wrangle kidlettes so parents could enjoy some time being kids themselves.Oz, learning about cooking fires under the watchful & enthusiastic eye of Mistress Keja

I got my brain picked and prodded by a smattering of folks and i did the same. Huge thanks to Masters Martin, Wil and Mistress Aelfwyn for letting me get me woodworking geek on and to Mistress Keja for introducing me to the term “experimental archaeology”. Gods only know where THAT will take me. Everyone in camp was very supportive of me making stuff and showing to others. In fact, these nutters convinced me to challenge into a Arts & Science group with a proposed 12 month project. I do not know if the Fian will accept my proposal or not but, in theory, I’ll have to talk about it during Court at Pennsic. Oi!

Royal Court was a busy place. The Honourable Lady Tarian was elevated to the Order of the Laurel and three other gentles we’re placed on vigil (one each for the Order of the Laurel, Pelican and Chivalry). I am unsure when/where the P and L will occur but the knighting will take place at Pennsic. That will be kinda cool for me as I have never witnessed a knighting before. I became Baronial Archery Champion (in Baronial Court on Monday). It’s a good gig for me because 1, it ensures I attend court more often and get dressed up for it and 2, I get to talk about archery and encourage more wannabe archers within Septentria.

Like many people, I viewed Trillies as a practice round for Pennsic. It’s a good time to figure out canvas, what you really need in camp, how to pack it and the general logistics of a longer camping event. I am so very glad I did this. Honestly, my preparations and packing for Trillies were horrible, but I learned a lot. Luckily I am borrowing a trailer for Pennsic so I don’t need to spend as much time tetrising my kit. The other cool thing is that I will have that trailer 2 weeks before departure so I have lots of time to pack and be organized.

And THAT is where we officially enter the realm of fantasy.


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