This ain’t vacation, this is war

Pennsic XLIII is officially underway!

Today was Land Grab, the day when troll opens and good gentles from around the Known World begin to descend upon Cooper’s Lake Campground. Today is the day that canvas pavilions spring from the ground and a small city is formed (with approximately 12,000 inhabitants).

View from my porch at Pennsic
View from my porch at Pennsic

This year, the camp I am with numbers around 68 people. We set up about 20 canvas tents…before the rains came. It would seem that Odin the Alfather and Thor heard we were in town and decided to welcome us in style. We had one tent collapse & other than the scared children inside, no great harm was done. Oh, George got struck by lightning. He’s fine. Actually, I don’t think electrons affect George. Largely, he commands them to do his bidding.

Marick & Nunno
Marick and Nunno, working on the solar powered kegerator. Look, Nunno is not dead!

Tomorrow (Sunday) will see a folks making camp more homey. Crates and totes and boxes of stuff will be unpacked, sorted and set up as required. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to run electricity to my tent so I can use my CPAP (medical device) and actually breathe while I sleep. It’s going to be a long night.   Sunday night, Peace Week: This was a day of rest for me. I did not get any sleep last night (as predicted) and I take a small measure of pride in saying that despite this, I was not the most crusty person in camp this morning. Some people are positively sub-human if they haven’t had their morning cup. I did manage to empty my car and trailer today. All of the totes, tables, and carving materials have been stowed and secured. Other camp mates arrived today as well; M and J with wee little Amelia (too adorable for words) along with my Bird, Master Hector, Sara-mom & their young family. Of course, rains were threatening while we hastily set up their tent & found refuge for the gear they brought (belonging to others). Certain liquid favours for the war effort were delivered and accepted eagerly plus, I got word that a few bottles of Viking Blood mead are set to arrive next weekend and they have my name on them.


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