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When we last saw our wandering Norseman…

What? You are still here after all this time? Sweet Jeebus but entire nations have risen and fallen since I last wrote anything. You folks need some hobbies if hanging around here is all that is keeping you breathing.

The truth is, I haven’t had a lot to say lately. In this space, I’m a fairly big fan of the old adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing”. That has been the situation I have found myself in. Much of the winter saw me frustrated at getting a new shop set up. No one is to blame in that but I was left wanting to scream at times. I couldn’t get much work done on my pole lathe either because the workspace for that is essentially a large lean-to. Not ideal during an Ealdormerian winter.

Spring and these early months of summer saw me not at my best mentally and emotionally. There’s been a lot of mess spilling from the mundane world into my Scadian life. The details don’t matter except to say that it has been a very taxing and depressing time. I vented a lot at a recent camping event and I gotta tell you, it felt good to have people there to hold my hand. Oh, spring also saw the arrival of a 400lb black bear wandering around the lands of Chateau de Shrub (where my shop is). Big, mean, aggressive bugger that ripped the throat out of one of the neighbors horses. Working on the pole lathe became quite secondary to my desire to remain in one piece. It will be tough finishing by my deadline.

Pennsic begins in 3 days and this circus of a Town Run can finally bugger off. Considering how bloody awful last Pennsic was, I am over-the-moon excited this year. Camping with my Shrub and the FINE folks who are the Thuligans. My girls are pretty jacked up as well because they love the Thuligans (really, how could they not?).  They get to help do stuff with these people. Actually, they have to help or they will be beaten (and not by me at first). My girls have really blossomed into first-rate humans and this group of people is a huge reason for it.

Packing and organizing for Pennsic has really hammered home just how muddled my brain is. I’ve been staring at empty, open totes for a few days now. I know what I need for Pennsic. I know of the little projects that I need to do to make the trip as stress free as possible. I even have all of the stuff I need and it is all out in the open. Think I can figure out what needs to be done first? I’ve made lists and set priorities but that does is take the edge off of the insanity. Something is going to be left out and I’m really trying to avoid that.

Oh well. I won’t be the first person to do Pennsic without pants.

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