Who is Einar and why is he so awesome?

Ummmm…hi.  A little about me perhaps?  ok.

In the SCA, I am Einar Josepsson Inn Austrifara.  Mundanely, I am Steve Kubien.

Playing the mundane card, I’m a 40-something single dad to 2 amazing girls.  I like to make stuff, nap and commit crimes on my guitar because I don’t have a clue what I am doing.  I prefer small groups of people to crowds (why I go camping with 10,000 people in the Barony of the Debatable Lands, I have no idea) and I like to be helpful…probably because I lean on my friends for so much help.

This blog is going to be my big pile o stuff.  Some of it will will interest you.  Some of it you will disagree with and some might even offend you. I write like I speak but generally with less cursing.

As for why Einar is so awesome?  I have no idea, but it helps my self-image if I say that once and a while.



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